6/24/25 Tobacco Commission Launches Second Round of Energy Ingenuity Fund

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The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission is now accepting applications for the second round of its Energy Ingenuity Fund.

The Energy Ingenuity Fund builds on the Commission’s 25 year track record of funding innovative economic development initiatives in Southern and Southwest Virginia. Just as early investments in broadband and site readiness are paying dividends for rural Virginia, this program’s energy sector investments are expected to create not just new jobs and investment in rural Virginia, but to also provide the innovative energy solutions that long-term economic prosperity requires.

Executive Director of the Tobacco Commission, James E. Campos said, “We are excited to launch the second round of the Commission’s Energy Ingenuity Fund. Southern and Southwest Virginia are poised for growth and have everything needed to make projects large and small a success. From top-notch sites that are build-ready to a highly skilled workforce that can easily adapt to meet the demands of today’s energy sector and more. I encourage any business looking for a location for their next project to give Southern and Southwest Virginia a look. I guarantee they will be impressed with what they see and with the support the Commonwealth and the Youngkin administration are able to provide to bring them to Virginia.”

Campos continued, “During the first round of this innovative program we met with potential applicants that ranged from businesses and utility providers already operating within the Commission footprint to international players in the energy sector who are looking for the next location to expand their business and invest in the energy solutions of the future. I am encouraged by all the conversations we have had and look forward to turning them into shovels in the ground and good jobs created in Southern and Southwest Virginia.”

Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission Director of Regional Energy Development and Innovation, Jerry Silva, added “The interest we received during the first round of this program was significant and with this second round I look forward to continuing to engage with applicants to make their project a reality and ensure that when they are making decisions on where to locate they choose Virginia. Virginia can be a leader in the new energy economy and I’m pleased to be able to play a role in making that happen.”

Energy Ingenuity Fund Program Outline

Up to $6 million is designated for energy-related projects in each of the Commission’s service regions, Southern and Southwest Virginia. A variety of energy project proposals will be accepted, with a focus on establishing a ‘best in class’ energy economy. Projects supported through this fund will capitalize on the region’s skilled workforce and promote an energy focused economy for the Tobacco Region, recognizing that regions with a strong focus on energy can better attract economic activity to their communities. Potential project areas include, but are not limited to: energy manufacturing supply chain, energy production, grid resiliency, energy storage, microgrids, hydrogen generation, smart cities, wind, small scale modular reactors, conversion of coal mines, and more.

The Energy Ingenuity Fund will solicit applications through a competitive process to establish grant and loan agreements for high impact economic development projects meeting the following objectives:

– Deployment of resources to amplify and accelerate investment in energy projects.
– Collaboration between key partners in energy and economic development.
– Enhancement and expansion of the region’s energy supply chain.
– Development of more energy resiliency in Southern and Southwest Virginia.

Funding will be considered for projects within the Southern and Southwest Virginia areas of Virginia’s Tobacco Region. See the TRRC Coverage Area Map.

For more information on TRRC program objectives please review the TRRC Strategic Plan and the Logic Models for this Program in the Plan as well as the Commission’s Funding Policies.

Deadline to Submit a Pre-Application:

Energy Ingenuity Fund Program:

July 18th – Please review the program Guidelines & Request for Proposals before beginning a pre-application. Please note that a pre-application is required before a project can move forward in the review process.

Based on the information provided in the pre-application, applicants will be invited to submit a full funding request. Pre-applications invited to move forward to full application will submit by August 15, 2024.

To read more about the program, and complete a pre-application (required) please visit the Energy Ingenuity Fund page of our website, revitalizeva.org.

Eligibility Requirements:

Please note that:

Applicants must be either a local governmental entity or a non-profit OR must be partnering with a local governmental entity or non-profit.

All requests for grant funds require at least dollar-for-dollar (1:1) matching funds, with no more than 25% of the match requirement from “in-kind” sources.

Please see the program Guidelines & Request for Proposals for full eligibility details.

Program Contacts

For media inquiries:

Jordan Butler
Public Relations Director & Tobacco Region Opportunity Fund Manager
(804) 894-9652

Questions from partners or potential applicants:

Jerry Silva
Director of Regional Energy Development and Innovation
(804) 325-4363