TRRC has established a $12 million dollar fund for rural, disadvantaged, or Native American communities with $6 million designated for energy-related projects in each of its service regions, Southern and Southwest Virginia. The program is designed as an umbrella that can review various types of proposals for energy projects, with a focus on establishing a ‘best in class’ energy economy. This fund will capitalize on a skilled workforce and promote an energy focused economy for the Tobacco Region, recognizing that regions with a strong focus on energy can facilitate bringing energy jobs and investment to their localities. Potential project areas include, but are not limited to: energy manufacturing supply chain companies, energy production, grid resiliency, energy storage, microgrids, hydrogen generation, smart cities, wind, small scale modular reactors, conversion of coal mines, etc.

Up to $6 million is available for Energy investments in each region, for a total of $12 million.