1/9/19 Tobacco Commission Meets In Richmond

Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission

Commission Approves 15 Funding Requests for Projects in Southern and Southwest Virginia

Richmond, VA – The Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission met on Tuesday, January 8th to give final approval for 15 funding requests. The 15 requests total more than $2.45 million and will support projects across Southern and Southwest Virginia. The total funds to be disbursed break down as follows: $236,250 for regional economic development and $2,226,118 for AgriBusiness projects. Additionally the Commission authorized various extensions for existing projects. The individual requests approved ranged in size from $6,250 to $500,000.

The Commission also celebrated the start of its 20th year serving the Citizens of Southern and Southwest Virginia. Since the Commission’s creation in 1999 we have awarded over $1.15 Billion in grant funds helping to create over 18,000 jobs, invested over $196 million in our community colleges and scholarships, played a key role in the development of 8 “megasites” to allow our regions to compete for large scale projects and invested more than $130 million in broadband expansion efforts to ensure that communities in rural Virginia have the same access as those in urban areas.

Tobacco Commission Chairman, Delegate Terry Kilgore said, “The projects approved today are a good example of the work the Commission has been doing to develop a vibrant, diverse economy in Southern and Southwest Virginia. As we enter our 20th year, I look forward to seeing these projects get underway and to many more years of working with our partners in the regions we serve.”

The Tobacco Commission is committed to developing a diverse economy in Southern and Southwest Virginia. The funding requests approved over the two day meeting will continue to move the region toward that goal.



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