8/29/17 Signaltape Enters Market

Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission

Excavation Alert Systems, LLC Enters Market with Signaltape

Richmond, VA, – Excavation Alert Systems, LLC (EAS) has launched its first product line: Signaltape® Underground Marker Tape. The first sale of 47,500ft was shipped to a Canadian water company this past June, and initial customer feedback has been very positive.

Signaltape is a buried utility protection system designed to alert equipment operators and construction site workers to the presence of buried utilities such as natural gas lines or fiber. Signaltape is specifically designed to pull to the surface providing a visual alert directly to the equipment operators that utility lines are below.

The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission supported this project with a $1,500,000 Research and Development grant in 2013 which enabled the purchase of a high-volume lamination system that has allowed production to take place in Buckingham County at the Arvonia location. The Tobacco Commission worked with the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center on this project.

Chairman of the Tobacco Commission Research & Development Committee, Delegate Kathy Byron said, “The debut of Signaltape confirms the Tobacco Commission’s confidence in Excavation Alert Systems and this project. EAS’s success has demonstrated, once again, that our region has the workforce and infrastructure to manufacture innovative products.”

Excavation Alert Systems was also awarded a $25k nondilutive grant from CIT CRCF in early June. The funding will be used to perform additional quality and performance testing of Signaltape products. Additionally, Excavation Alert Systems, LLC has ramped up production at their facility in Arvonia, VA with the hiring of four additional production employees.

Mike Parilac, Owner of Planet Underground said, “Signaltape breathes new life into a standard industry product while tremendously enhancing excavator safety.”

Duffy Carmack, Chief Financial Officer of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center added, “The Signaltape project is an outstanding Research and Development project that has resulted in a marketable product that is in high demand with the natural gas industry. When fully operational this will provide employment opportunity for our region and a product that will be utilized worldwide.”


The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission is committed to bringing jobs and investment to Southern and Southwest Virginia. Projects like Signaltape that offer a compelling product designed and manufactured in our region are a perfect example of our commitment to developing a diverse economy in the areas we serve.



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