6/21/17 Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission Launches New Website

Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission


Richmond, VA – The Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission launched their new website today, www.revitalizeva.org. The new website is designed to give visitors easy access to information as well as a better understanding of the mission and functions of the Commission. The site features a clean and uncluttered design that will greatly increase ease of use allowing users to easily find the information they are looking for.

The Commission strives to be transparent in all that it does and the new website furthers those efforts by including a grants database tool that will allow anyone to look up projects the commission has funded. Available information includes approval date, project end date and amount awarded for the project as well as the name of the company associated with the grant and the county in which the project will be located. The Commission hopes that this tool will be a valuable resource for both members of the media and the general public.

The site also includes a site selection tool that will allow business owners and site selection consultants to see available sites in Southern and Southwest Virginia. This will help the Commission market the region to prospective businesses with the goal of increasing capital investment and job creation.

Tobacco Commission Deputy Director, Chris Piper said, “This new website is part of our ongoing effort to be more open, transparent and accessible to those we serve. Information about the Commission, our programs, how to apply for grants and existing grants is now much easier to find. As we work to develop a diverse economy across Southern and Southwest Virginia it’s important that we keep up technologically and this new website is a step in the right direction on that front.”

The website will be updated regularly with grant application dates, meeting dates, press releases, the latest Commission news and more. Visitors are invited to explore the new website and check back regularly for updates on Commission activities.

Contact: Jordan Butler
Telephone: 804-786-7692
Cell: 757-692-0878
Email: jordan.butler@tic.virginia.gov
Website: www.tic.virginia.gov